Please apply for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award exclusively via the online application form. In the first form you only have to enter your contact details as well as the name and a brief description of your innovation. You will then receive a personal ID by email and a personalized link to a second form, in which we ask you to answer three questions about your innovation. This should enable comparability between the innovations submitted. Please note that for a complete and thus valid application, both forms must be completed by the application deadline on July 3, 2023 (noon).

The jury will then select up to ten nominees, which will be announced on October 4, 2023. Up to five award winners will be awarded the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award, endowed with 15,000 euros each, on November 24, 2023.

If the online application process is a barrier or you require additional information, please contact the organization office at (0331) 243 62 60 or
To the application form:

Please note that the language of application is German.

The aim of the innovation award of the capital region is the promotion, presentation and appreciation of future and marketable developments by start-ups or spin-offs, by founders, established companies or networked research institutions. With the establishment of the Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg the competition for innovation awards is increasingly focusing on the five clusters and guiding principles defined by the strategy, but also appeals to committed innovators in a wide range in order to stimulate development potential as diverse as possible.

A key idea of the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award is that today’s innovations are tomorrow’s jobs. As an instrument of economic development, the competition is geared to the fact that dynamic development in the future industries is crucial for the future of the capital region.

The Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award has been awarded jointly by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and the Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy. Since 1984, more than 4,560 applications have been submitted and over 180 award winners have been awarded. Up to five award winners are honored each year. The nominations of the finalists and award winners are traditionally made by an independent jury of experts. A jury, which is formed by independent personalities from regional and national (supraregional) economy and science and whose expertise can be assigned to the five interstate clusters, decides on the awarding of the innovation award. The awards are endowed with 15,000 euros each.

Can we support you with your application? Talk to us! Please contact the organization office at (0331) 243 62 60 or