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Please apply for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award exclusively via the online application form. In the first form, you only have to provide your contact details as well as your name and a brief description of your innovation. You will then receive an email with a personal ID and a personalised link to a second form in which you will be asked to answer further questions about your innovation. This is designed to make it easier to compare the submitted innovations. Please note that for a complete and therefore valid application, both forms must be filled in and submitted by 8 July 2024 (12 noon).

After this, the jury will select up to ten nominees; these will be announced on 15 October 2024. On 29 November 2024, up to five prize-winners will be presented with the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award together with prize money of EUR 15,000 each.

If the online application process constitutes a barrier for you or you require more information, please contact the organisation office on (0331) 243 62 60 or at

To the application form:


The aim of the capital region’s Innovation Award is to promote, present and honour future-proof and marketable developments by start-ups or spin-offs, founders, established companies or networked research institutions. With the establishment of the joint innovation strategy of the two federal states – innoBB 2025 – the competition for the innovation awards focuses increasingly on the clusters and cross-cutting topics defined by the strategy, but also addresses a wide spectrum of committed innovators in order to stimulate the most diverse development potential possible.

One core idea behind the Innovation Award is that the innovations of today are the jobs of tomorrow. As an instrument of economic development, it is the competition’s goal to showcase the economic relevance of future industries for the regional competitiveness of the capital region.


The Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award has been jointly presented since1992 by the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises and the Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy. Since 1984, more than 4,670 applications have been submitted and more than 180 winners awarded. There are up to five award winners each year. The finalists and award winners are traditionally nominated by an independent jury of experts. The prizes are worth EUR 15,000 each.


Can we help you with your application? Just get in touch with us! Please contact the organisation office on (0331) 243 62 60 or at